Welcome to Grace Christian Community.

We're so glad that you've visited our website because we love to introduce people to our community. 

We believe that the most important thing anyone can ever hear is that God loves them; He sent His son Jesus to die for them, change them, and bring them into a real relationship with Him. It's this truth that is the hope for our city and it is this truth that brings and binds our community together as well. We've been saved and gathered by Grace and this shapes our lives with one another.

It's this truth that we'd love to share and explore with you. No matter who you are, or what your background is we'd love to meet you, we'd love to connect with you, and we'd love to help you in any way we can.

God bless you,

Tim & Belinda Grant

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Grace Christian Community is a Church in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne that began in 2012. We gather together because we believe that God's vision for our city is that Melbourne might come to know and love Jesus - the one who knows and loves us. We exist to introduce people to Jesus and to help each other journey through life with Him. No matter your background, we'd love to introduce you to know Him and enjoy the life that he offers you.

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